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The 21 Day Doorway Across the Veil - 3D_

In this workbook you’ll learn how to:


•Increase awareness and connect with a loved one across the veil


•Use mindful listening so you may pick up on subtle signs that you would not otherwise notice


•Overcome obstacles when communicating with a loved one in heaven

Through the stories of eight individuals, you'll learn how to know if you've reached your loved one, how to increase your notice of signs, ways to practice spiritual listening, and how to deal with issues such as worthiness.


Follow the roadmap included in this book to connect with your own loved one in spirit.

"The Doorway book helped me establish a stronger habit of daily connections with loved ones. My daughter Kirsten (Kiki) , in spirit, has sent many messages encouraging me to write more. Parents that want to increase their connection with their children on the other side will find The Doorway book to be a loving way to do that."  

–Alicia and Kiki

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