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online class with mary bertun 

Communicating with Our Loved Ones class:

Next class:    Group and individual training options available.


Please use the "Contact Mary" messaging box below if you are interested.

This is a class where YOU learn and practice how to use love, gratitude and mindfulness to connect with your child in spirit.


Over 5 extraordinary weeks you’ll:

  • Discover how to expertly open and sustain your connection with your child as well as your team in the spiritual realm

  • Master the steps for receiving clear messages from your loved ones in spirit

  • Find out how to identify what is from your own mind and what is from the spiritual realm

  • Learn essential techniques for safe, effortless communication with your child by using exercises that have been 100% successful for other parents

  • Unlock the most important key for sustaining your vibration throughout your day and increasing your reception of your child’s messages


Listen to the words of previous class participant Jo Greaney:

      From My Heart to Yours


As a class participant you will receive:

  • Proven techniques for you to practice and develop your confidence

  • Ways for you to strengthen your awareness of synchronicities and miracles

  • A PDF copy of my book The 21 Day Doorway Across The Veil (also available on Amazon)

  • Class sessions with like-minded parents in a intimate sacred space

  • My experienced guidance to help you discover your own techniques for heart-to-heart connections


Rates vary depending on group or individual training.

Please use the "Contact Mary" messaging box below with questions.


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