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More About mary

I  spent decades at Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, conducting human resources work, facilitating groups, teaching and designing instruction.


During  this time I was blessed to raise four beautiful children. 


When my son Chas left this earth in April of 2012, I struggled with deep grief and understanding how I could be of service to others.


My own spiritual education, an excellent therapist, and journaling lead me out of the depths of loss.


I, of course, had talked to Chas since his point of departure. As my awareness grew, I began to notice the signs he was sending my way.


Finally, in 2014, I heard his voice . Instantly I wanted to hear him again. 


In truth, I had a lot of work still to do, before I was in a position to receive everything Chas and my angels sent me.


My team in spirit kept the miracles coming, and when I was ready, the communication downloads began.


It is with great pleasure that I stand at the foot of the stairs, ready to assist you as part of a practice group or individually, in your efforts to connect with your loved one in spirit.


I get to see some amazing results and experience the joy of connection once again. Let me help you take that step forward.

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